Why Soy?

Due to environmental and health reasons, I only use soy wax for all my products.

The majority of candles on the market are made from paraffin, which is derived from petroleum oil.  Burning paraffin releases highly toxic chemicals into the atmosphere which are very similar to those found in diesel fuel fumes.

Soy wax is a processed form of soybean oil and is natural, renewable and bio-degradable.  Unlike paraffin, burning soy doesn’t result in any carcinogenic bi-products or pollutants which may harm the environment or your health.

Nowadays, we are much more aware of the environmental issues we are facing.  We are becoming more and more careful to use natural ingredients in skin care products and in the foods we eat, so there is no reason why these choices shouldn’t extend to the type of candle we buy.

In addition to the environmental benefits, there are many other advantages to soy candles. These include a 30-50% longer burning time, a cleaner burn with none of the soot build-up of other waxes, and as they are 100% natural, any spills are easy to clean up with soap and warm water.

In order to keep my candles completely natural there are no dyes used in the formation process, which enables me to achieve my trademark luxurious smooth cream finish.